Our mission at Yeetum is to enable higher and deeper level information relationships with services, tools, & eco-systems to develop talent, build community, and identify and execute on data-driven opportunity.

One rule: Protect Eden at all costs

Eden Club is a subscription service to the Yeetum Information Group. Our mission is provide, collect, procure, assess, and distribute strategic information on Cyber & Money.

We are not financial advisors. We do not condone seeing the world in a polarized financial lens. We see the world as information and focus on the discipline to understand the complex systems in which we are constrained to through human society.

We deliver information advisory to Club members and includes the following…

Use this checklist as your guide on how to properly leverage Yeetum services with your membership.

  • Claim crypto hardware wallet and learn to properly secure wallet recovery phrases
  • Proper access to information pipelines in Discord. Remember to mute notifications and leverage information as needed
  • If iPhone user, access to iMessage group
  • On-demand education and enablement sessions regarding your information strategy. This could be personal, family, or business level. Examples: Web3 business strategies, market analysis, central banking & bonds, securely adopting and understanding crypto-currencies & blockchain technologies, NFTs, and further cyber & money disciplines.
  • On-demand information security incident response and Family cyber security
  • Engage and build the community you've joined by providing feedback on how Yeetum can optimize and further deepen the value we provide.
  • Leverage the Yeetum network for your projects, ventures, asset management, and strategic programs.

Security Review:

  • Ensure proper secure storage and access to the recovery phrases to your Crypto wallets and applications
  • Backup your devices for disaster recovery
  • Ensure multi-factor authentication on your apps and ensure backup to your MFA app in the event your device is lost or stole
  • If organizational security assessments are needed i.e. home network security, identity access management, SIEM, log analytics, IT vendor negotiations. We are happy to advise on all cyber matters leading with zero-trust security posture and approaches tailored to your needs. Managed services or pro-longed commitments will require a commercial arrangement.

Bring us your hard questions. Don't hesitate to let us know how we can provide deeper advise and enablement to your information strategies.