The immediate question to ask any financial advisor when considering their services is: "are you a broker or a fiduciary?"

Brokers are financial salesman making commission on selling you mutual funds, 401ks, insurance, and other financial products. Fiduciaries on the other hand get paid a flat fee and vested interest into sound council or advice.

Brokers typically will make 1-3% from fees off of your funds, require a high percentage fee on entry to their financial products, and jargon ridden legal arrangement restricting you from agility with your capital.

We recommend seeking long-term fiduciary relationships rather than broker and transaction-based relationships, however, finance alone will not advance our Cyber estates and families to the level of capability we need to continually achieve to raise the bar.

The intent of the question is to reveal the incentives to which these advisors operate. In a hyper-financialized world, the advice and strategies we employ must be seen beyond the lens of finance but rather as information.

Information to support your assets.

Information to protect your assets.

Information to expedite the time to insight on any decision making process or analysis.

Really, a financial advisor's role is giving you financial information. The fundamental principle is that the flow of information is the underlying force that is enabling human civilization to operate and organize at this scale.

In a nutshell, this is the information they should be educating you on:

In a world of persistent and guerrilla cyber warfare, we have to integrate Cyber into asset management and estate planning.

How are you securing data assets for your business or portfolios? How are your children preparing to work, live, and adapt to a hyper-stimulant information environment and culture? How are you getting deeper information on the mechanics of the monetary system and money?

Check out the Yeetum Eden Club if these ideas and conversations resonate with you. We are not financial advisors. We do not condone seeing the world in a polarized financial lens. We see the world as information and focus on the discipline to understand the complex systems in which we are constrained to through human society.

Yeetum Eden Club

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The Eden Club is a prestigious club to Yeetum's analyst, tools, and intelligence. Our mission with the Eden Club is to enable higher level information relationships. We enable this by providing FUM analytics. Enabling community to ask experts in different domains for thoughts and feedback on analytical challenges. Community to help you build your business in the Cyber & information era with access to multi-disciplinary analyst and engineers.


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