Within Cyber is a deeper tethering to the infinite cause and effect feedback loops within the complex systems that comprise our nature and nurture - our human conscious life, our reality.

Our nature is the information in our genetics, geography, and our blood. The attributes of our self that are immutable by birth.

Our nurture is the information in our childhood, parents, environment, culture, work, politics, etc and how it conditions our present being.

Within the grey area of this bicameral framing of our being is the connection that is unknown and within recent history of the last 50 years we've gained the capability to extract data from agriculture, social engagement & interactions, money, medicine, and any area which we possess the telemetry to use sensors and extract information.

Due to the parasitic financial behavior that perpetuates the global economy and financial incentives being the primary incentives of capitalism. We must measures the way that capital is obtained.

We believe the following concept can help harness productivity in this new age:

ROA = Return on Attention

We can measure the return of our attention with the commonly used apps we integrate into our lifestyle. Apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Slack, Discord, ERP, HCM, CRM, and all in between.

The consumption of applications can be correlated within ones monetary data such as cash flow, saving, spending, and their applied financial behavior & systems.

We can devise models at different layers of the corresponding elements, but the best would be to leverage social network analysis to understand the social network of attention, screen time data i.e Apples iOS, and financial data such spending, cash flow, income, saving rates, etc.

Example of Social Media Network Analytics
Example Social Network Data Model

Our attentions are already monetized through the ad industry without the users benefit - its time we synthesize our attention for monetary science before we blind-fully submit to techno-fiefdoms.

As we become more self aware of our applied attention and synchronize with our intuition to nurture and foster a resilient mind - we can bring light to the darkness.


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