Recently I just did a road trip covering Switzerland, France, North Italy, Austria, Germany, and Lichtenstein. An excursion of European culture I haven’t seen much as I’ve primarily experienced Spanish and British culture heavily.

The first thought I’m reminded of is the word: craftsmanship.

Austria is known for having some of the best tap water in the world. Water and its consumption is one of the base earth elements to our hygiene of being. A testament to the care for the people, the land, the culture - the blood behind it.

Throughout the trek, I’m reminded of the deep history, culture, and heritage that has permeated the blood & soil here. I’m reminded of the intensity life can bring to go through famines, wars, and plagues that feeds the thinking and beliefs of the people.

Something painstakingly obvious we are not taught in America, for better or worse but our young culture blinds us from harsh and dark realities of history.

We have a culture that ignores and represses the darkness when we look in the mirror and maximizes the darkness of the other. We have cognitive dissonance to block our awareness of our own darkness.

We are programmed to do this as a coping mechanism to subjugate our primordial connection to life and being that connects all above, all below, all within, all without, all before, all after - everything that is nothing, paradoxically.

During my travel here I relied on my Gen 1 AirPods that I haven’t even had for a year and when trying to listen to a podcast the pods were not charged and connecting properly once I tried to use them for travel. I dusted them off and cleaned in preparation because I’ve been experiencing this issue prior. I tried to run in the Austrian mountains with the assumption they’re charged and the battery died immediately.

The Hertz rental car Jeep we used for the trek, its smart car screen stopped working in Milan and we navigated the region and rest of the trek without the smart car ability.

Our GoPro was spontaneously not turning on when it still had a significant amount of battery percentage left.

Where’s the craftsmanship?

What’s the craft in this consumer electronic to functionally degrade performance so fast yet so expensive? Recently in Austin, TX I witnessed a homeless person wearing AirPods and a cardboard sign pleading for money. The stock market values Apple as a 2 trillion USD company.

O what a brave new world!

While we continue to observe our families, friends, businesses, institutions, and our self - wittingly or not - continuously breached by guerilla information warfare.

Exploiting your beliefs and biases to provoke and engineer virality, hate, polarization, comedy, entertainment, political agendas, and everything in between.

You too are capable of this craft… as is anyone else, as all things.

The individual through this cybernetic fabric has similar means as a nation-state when the craft is studied and applied, yet not physically tethered but fractalized networks across the internet.

What environmental craft must we learn? And fast…

America withdrew from Afghanistan. Then a week later the DoD murdered 10 children in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

What craft is that exactly?

What craft are we teaching our children? How can our elders even teach our children when basic settings and software functions are too much of a learning curve for most boomers?

Self-limiting beliefs are the greatest detriment imposed on children. I speak from personal experience.

The children see this yet don’t understand why or how, few elders are capable of demystifying the experience nor capable of.

Neither do the spreaders of misinformation. The elders do not know the human experience that is of children today glued to iPads and no concept of self yet have to project and live in this cybernetic nature from Day 0.

Young girls are having seismic mental health issues because of Instagram. Young boys are not taught to be a better man and actively emasculated.

We see our parents, liberal or conservative or whatever labeled ideology fall for toxic political memes only designed to spread hate and vitriol. Dividing households, communities, and cultures at an intensity and persistence history has not seen until the Information Age.

Yet somehow legacy mass media and institutions created in the 1900s are the authorities on the information we’re told to assume is truth & facts? The media industry hires the fact checkers to validate information yet doesn’t even understand elementary knowledge of information systems and data science.

The same people that claimed: The temple on Epstein’s island is a music hall (NBC)

The same people that failed to inform the American public about: Beyond Epstein, there was the Christian Lebanese-American George Nader, a power broker in the Middle-East and Levant. He was convicted several times of child sex crimes, and was in the following positions: “Unofficial liaison between the United States and the UAE”, “Unofficial liaison between the United States and Saudi Arabia” (which was born out of organizations like Al-Fatat), and indeed if that wasn’t enough, he worked as a lobbyist for Blackwater, a military-industrial mercenary contracting organization. He was, in effect, a warmonger, but more shockingly, a child trafficker.

We have a political dichotomy where we’re hating those for standing up for their beliefs & way of life. For standing up for their ‘truth’ and fighting the ‘lie’.

Are they both not reality? Are they both not equivalently good nor bad? This is textbook ego. There is no merit to putting one's belief over another without empathizing and understanding the nuance, as friends and family - as a community.

Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Isn’t that the beauty of America? Is that not a common ground? A principle we can unify around? We’re creating the catatonic ouroboros effect where we’re hurting and eating our fellow country men & women for global monetary interests.

When did caring for our people and community be a bad thing? When did taking care of those with unfortunate circumstances and helping them back on their feet become a matter of politik?

Where did we go wrong? Why did we go wrong? What lesson or failure did we forget to apply and grow from?

Now wearing a mask is a manipulated symbol of community health by a globally incentived system exfiltrating capital, instead of discussing the poisonous materials within our system such as high fructose corn syrup, sodium chloride, fentanyl, and fluoride.

I’m reminded of the sacredness of the air we breathe, from the trees, animals, and flowers that protect and experience this life with us - to the best of their capacity and purpose.

How do we manifest the 4th turning of human experience if we can’t even agree on basic tenets of life and being?

That care, education, and knowledge one child needs is no different than ‘the other’ child. How is that so hard to empathize with or understand? Why do we attack people for who they are and being themselves?

Rich and poor. Black and white. Straight and homosexual. Same and different. Yin and yang.

The soil we played on as children. The teachings we received from our elders. The traditions and rituals we cherish with loved ones. The friends and family we make along the way. The unity behind protecting and caring for our community and minds as we would the garden of eden. The protection of every seed, every flower, every bird, every spider, and every butterfly.

Why are we fixated on preserving legacy at the cost of growth & innovation? For pride? For ego? For ideology?

More importantly, who is accountable for this? What institution or agency do we go to? Who is responsible here?

This inquiry requires all of us to get uncomfortable in what we believe is true or false, right and wrong - to see beyond our individual lives and enable a positive systemic & interconnected ecosystem designed for organic, natural growth & regenerative healing we all direly need.

But how do we create this if our public industrial education system only teaches just enough for labor servitude and falls short of critical thinking and problem solving to our children?

There are Architects to the Information craft that existed before computing information systems.

The symbology and scriptures we base our families culture, beliefs, business, and politics are the direct byproduct of this retained historical information. From Göbekli Tempe to Wealth of Nations. From the Sun to Saturn. From Christianity to Islam.

But when we look in the mirror. What is our craft? What do we create? What do we destroy in the process? What consequences should we be prepared for?

What do we see? Who are we? Why are we?

A question beholden to the self and which no other can provide you with that answer ultimately - although it has been programmed, engineered, and conditioned into us through times by the Architects even before Babylon.

If we can for even the slightest second let go of our preconceptions, we can observe and listen to a force and presence that has and always is. From the ancient to the modern. The Sumerians to the Americans. The con to the neo. The Yin to the Yang.

We can discover and study our god given primordial force there to enable us to overcome our trials and tribulations. The force that can heal our traumas and serve our communities and families.

What intention is behind this system?

When I observe the system dynamics shaping in America. It’s self-evident the corroding and destructive dynamics eating us metaphysically and poisoning us slowly, by design. As a feature, not a bug.

Tactically speaking, I’m talking about the financialization that is eating our peoples means of providing for their family and self. The quality of our food. The quality of our communities. The quality of our leaders. The quality of our businesses. The quality of we the people.

Personal anecdote: My mother has been legally disabled in the State of Texas since 2018 and paid disability insurance throughout her tenure as an elementary school teacher. She is not entitled to social security benefits because of Texas politics. Now, The Hartford Group, with whom is liable for the insurance benefits is playing sadistic games withholding her means of living on top of the burden of linear chronic trauma she has to cope with every second of her life. They sent a 10 page obfuscated legal jargon letter ultimately claiming she doesn’t meet the definition of disabled. Then saying they don’t have information that has time stamped email trails of being sent two months prior. The case officer is clearly syndicated against to the disabled.

It’s heart wrenchingly obvious the modus operandi.

How is this not perceived systematically? What entity is doing this to our women and children?

Millennials are leasing and renting at all time highs. Blackstone has 1T USD lined up to swoop distressed real estate assets *cough cough* like the subprime mortgage crisis. Your homework is to look into “covenant-lite loans''. Hell of a covenant, you’re not in.

What is your covenant with your day to day actions, behaviors, and emotions? What habits, behaviors, and system do you consistenly do that manifest your reality?

The second largest real estate investment company in China, Evergrande, is insolvent. It’s safe to assume America’s largest shadow bank BlackRock is caught in that web. As is all global capital. Keep in mind BlackRock is equally as large in terms of balance sheet as the Federal Reserve. Might as well call it a central shadow bank. Remind me again where that is educated to our people in the institution of finance?

As this comes out, US credit default swaps are plummeting.

Who crafted this system? Who is responsible in America? How did they craft it? Why did they craft this? Who is destroying our families & friends?

In that financial sense, we are in uncharted territory of the largest monetary experiment that nobody knows what will happen. But we can frame our thinking to probable dynamics that could derive as consequence. That is where our opportunity opens.

Systemic risk never seen till the 21st century and very few can perceive it or demystify the complexity to remotely grasp the dynamics.

Over the past 20 years most countries' prime trade partner has changed and is now China not the United States.

Who is the global reserve currency again? Who’s money and assets will plunder? Whos retirement 401k & pensions are at risk?

All at the expense of our common being and livelihood. The expense of our culture, our spirit, our earth, our water, our fire, our being, our future, our children - our craft.

Craft is lost, and increasingly rare.

The craft that is keeping us dominant is our techno-craft. The reason we see Technocratic Oligarchs racing to Mars for space capitalism.

We must refine and instill our craftsmanship at an order of magnitude innovation and trajectory. Across education, finance, spirit, industry, philosophy, psychology, religion, and so on.

Everyone has a role and job to fulfill, a creation to craft. A craft to contribute. An experience to share. A lesson to teach.

The few trained eyes of these crafts weaponize it against you. Against your own will & conscious & awareness. Catalyzing the cause and effect to our family, household, community dynamics - all in the pursuit of global capitalism.

I’m not here to tell, identify, or define your craft. However, I challenge you to introspect on it. Observe others craft you respect and mimic what you like, change what you don’t. Mimicry is a core element to the science of creativity. Translate, expand, and apply concepts in never thought of ways.

We do not live in an isolated vacuum but an interconnected paradox of nature and nurture. We cause and effect through universal design to one and another and derivatively impacted by those interconnected crafts - from the cyber social terrain and the physical.

How can we craft a human experience that alleviates the extreme trauma and mental health effects of over-ingestion of internet media? How can we craft a dialogue with our elders to solve the structural faults of mass media and our institutions that feed the young vs the old? How can we craft an economy that fulfills abundance yet rewards merit while protecting the lesser fortunate? How can we craft a discourse to introspect on the symbols, ideas, and cultures that are deeply embedded to our sub-conscious without destroying sanity?

How do we help those that cannot help themselves? First we have to agree on why it’s important to do... why we must help our children & our childrens children.

We aren’t thinking about these things. We are too selfish and dissonant with our own life to care to inquire deeper on what can be done. We are lost and stagnant from the accolades of yesterday. We are distracted by competition of status and superiority over our brothers and sisters - the cancerous spread of overzealous ego. We lack humility to empathize with the experience & wisdom of our fathers and mothers. We’ve forgotten who we are to honor our grandparents and ancestors that make our existence possible today.

We are in a mass psychosis of biblical proportions.

Why are we going against and destroying our nature and essence of life?

Our psychosis is so profound that we have the audacity to claim to be of Christ. The ultimate disgrace to the spirit of Christ. We should be ashamed and punished for our failure to our brothers and sisters of earth. We will experience the wrath of god for our destruction to god's creation. We have earned the smite of God.

We are losing ground in the prestige that is America, our Atlantis.

We need fresh ideas, concepts, systems, and efficiencies to even make miniscule improvements. We need to work. We need to mobilize.

Pay forward your craft and discipline of yesterday for the children of today. Observe and absorb the evolving crafts and discipline dominating the fabric of life today. Question and speculate the craft and disciplines of tomorrow to build your insurance instead of buying it.

We have no other choice and it requires every ounce of our minds, body’s, and souls.

You have been warned. The future depends on what you decide to do today and now. The responsibility lies on you and the ultimate Self. You create your reality. Own up to it. Be responsible & accountable for it.

Personally speaking, I will be damned to eternal hell and torture if I do not spend my time on this earthly realm fulfilling my purpose and mastering my craft. I will fight through Dante’s Inferno ten fold even if my flesh is the price.

One's craft is one's Yeet, and one Yeet could change the world.

"If the problem can be solved, why worry? If the problem cannot be solved, worrying will do you no good." ~ Buddha


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