This article is the investment thesis to Yeetum Investment Group, subsidiary of Yeetum, LLC for 2021–2030.

It’s been a tough year in 2020. We’ve seen COVID infiltrate and fundamentally change the behavior of how we interact with our families, work, and friends.

While it seems to be just a temporary shift, I’m going to make the call that things won’t go back to a pre-COVID normal. It will be a post-COVID evolution as us humans adapt, evolve, and optimize our productivity for this highly chaotic and complex economy filled with debt, software, data, internet, and infinite money being printed by our central planning institutions i.e Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, etc.

Lets make a game plan on how to capitalize on these drastic behavioral shifts that will persist through this decade and impact our economy and market that builds, preserves, and destroys wealth.

Source: Real Vision

<25% of all US Dollars ($) we’re created this year. The Federal Reserve tells you that inflation is >2%…

What is the future of the United States Dollar position as global-reserve currency?
Over the past century purchasing power of the US dollar has decreased by <90%. Whats next?

There’s some troubling waters ahead for fiat money, but let’s focus on innovation and go over some meta-trends likely to continue and grow exponentially produced by abundance 360:

  1. Everyone will be connected to everything, everyone, everywhere, at all times — with ultra-low cost. Multitude of global satellite networks are in process of deployment (OneWeb, Starlink, etc). This network infrastructure will bring online an additional 3 billion individuals and drive tens of trillions of dollars into the global digital economy. This innovation amplifies the convergence of low-cost space travel, 5G networks, AI, materials science, and hyper-computing power.
  2. Human lifespan is expected to increase by 10+ years. There are over a dozen of paradigm changing biotech and pharmaceutical solutions in various phases and clinical trials that will reach and impact consumers this decade. These innovations include stem cell supply restoration, wnt pathway manipulation, Senolytic Medicines, evolved Endobody Vaccines, GDF-11, supplementation of NMD/NAD+, and many more that will directly impact human life.
  3. AI is getting closer to human level intelligence. Prominent AI researcher, Ray Kurzweil, predicts that AI will get to human intelligence by 2029. This decade we will see an increase of AI algorithms and machine learning tools that are open-source and available in the cloud. Any individual with internet connectivity will be able to supplement their problem solving and earning capacity as these powerful innovations are democratized. This trend accelerates through high-bandwidth connections, neural networks, and cloud computing. Every industry from law, finance, healthcare, education, entertainment, hospitality — and many more non-tech industries will be disrupted and innovated. This is incredibly important for the youth as they plan their training, learning, and building skill-sets that will be advantageous in this labor market.
  4. AI and human collaboration will go parabolic across all professions. There is a new cloud business called “AI as a Service” (AIaaS) that will enable humans and machines to partner in every aspect and dimension of work and life. AIs will become entrenched in everyday business process and operations, supplementing cognition and productivity for employees — supporting creative tasks, generating new ideas, and conquering previously unfeasible innovations. Certain sectors will see AI as a requirement, for example, in the future, making certain decisions or diagnoses without consultation of AI may be deemed malpractice. Here’s some free stock picks you don’t have to pay JP Morgan, Goldman, Morgan Stanley, and the likes to invest in this continuing trends: $PLTR and $AI (do your homework).
  5. Most individuals will adopt digital assistants to improve quality of life. As Siri, Alexa, and Google Home increase their features, there will be services that travel beyond home and become part of you 24/7. This 24/7 data mining opens tremendous market opportunities for data entrepreneurs. Imagine Alexa is given permission to listen to all conversations, read your email, and monitor your blood pressure and chemistry. This level of access to data enables AI solutions that will learn your preferences, anticipate your needs and behaviors, shop for you, monitor your health and help solve problems that support your interest. Its incredibly dystopian as a thought experiment but the technology is here to continue innovating.
  6. Globally abundant cheap renewable energy. Continued innovation in solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, hemp bio-fuel, nuclear and localized grids will drive human society toward cheap, abundant, and ubiquitous renewable energy. Analysis shows that price per kilowatt hour will drop below 1-cent/kilowatt-hour for renewables at the same that storage drops below 3-cents kilowatt hour — ultimately displacing fossil fuels globally and rising Geo-political conflict for hegemony in a post-petroleum world (US & China).
  7. Insurance changes from “recovery after risk” to “prevention of risk”. Today, house insurance pays you after your house burns down, or life insurance pays after you die, and healthcare insurance (basically sickcare insurance) pays only after you get sick. This decade data entrepreneurs have the ability to disrupt insurance providers by leveraging the convergence of machine learning, ubiquitous sensors, low-cost genome sequencing and robotics to detect risk, prevent disaster, and guarantee safety before any costs are incurred.
  8. On-demand delivery & on-demand production will birth an “instant economy of things”. Urban citizens will learn to expect “instant fulfillment” of their retail orders as drove and robot last-mile delivery services carry products from local supply chains to your door step. Think continued innovation like Amazon’s 2-day shipping. Coupled with the deployment of 3D printing farms, even customized ‘stuff’ can be obtained within hours anywhere, anytime. This meta-trend is driven by the convergence of networks, 3D printing, robotics, and AI.
  9. Ability to sense and know anything, anytime, and anywhere. We’re exponentially approaching the era of history where <100 billion sensors are monitoring, sensing, imaging, listening, and measuring — everything, all the time. Global imaging satellites, drones, autonomous car LIDARs, forward-looking augmented reality headsets are parts of a global sensor matrix allowing us to gain these abilities. This trend is driven by terrestrial, atmospheric, and space-based sensors combined with machine learning and data networks. In this paradigm, its not “what you know” but “the quality of the questions you ask” that will be most important.
  10. Continued advertising disruption. AI will soon understand what you want better than you do. We will begin to trust and rely upon AI to make most of our buying decisions, turning digital assistants to your low-cost maid for your lifestyle requirements. AI will make purchases on your past desires, as well as mining your conversations and emails, and tracking where your pupil focuses your attention. The advertising industry which competes for your attention will have a harder time manipulating your personalized AI algorithm.
Intangible assets are what has allowed FAANG companies to sky rocket in the stock market. IP, software, and data has proven to drive greater market cap for companies.

This is a lot to digest and internalize into our world views and life planning. For me, its incredibly exciting to ride this wave to come and how we can help democratize concise and impactful information to augment our livelihoods and well-being.

“Through confusion, we see clarity through complexity, we appreciate simplicity through chaos, we find peace through hardship, we experience relief through adversity, we embrace patience.”

These trends are the core elements to market opportunities the Yeetum team is capitalizing on for this decade.

We believe this is the coming tide that will lift all boats in markets. Take a second to think of how your work uses people, process, and technology then imagine where the innovations described above begin to permeate your operation and concept of productivity & work. Take a second to think of the opportunities this presents and how we can help our family & friends, communities, cities, states, world, and inter-planetary civilization — all be successful.

Don’t get left behind. Yeet the future.


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